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April 17, 2019 3 min read


If you told me a year ago that my whole world would revolve around my hair, I would be laughing. My entire life, I had a full head of hair, so at the ripe age of 31, hair loss was very far from my vocabulary, but life has its own twisted sense of humor. I’d be laughing even harder if you told me that natural products could not only prevent my hair loss but also promote new hair growth, but Mother Nature has some of her own tricks up her sleeves.

I couldn’t be bothered by the increasing amount of hair that ended up going into my drain every morning until the day my eye caught a large bald spot forming on the top of my head. Panic stations all around as I examined every inch of my scalp in the mirror with horrifying results. I was losing my hair and all I could hear was life mocking, “Who’s laughing now?”

Hair loss, like many aspects of our lives, is never a concern until it actually happens. Like many of us, I so foolishly thought, “I’m way too young. Maybe when I’m my dad’s age or my grandfather’s age.” Now with this humiliating problem right on my doorstep, I knew I wanted to save my hair and hopefully get it to grow back. I was not ready to embrace the bald life.

I must admit, I was clueless on where to start on this daunting hair growth journey.

A friend of mine, Josh, who happens to be a chemist, filled me in on the causes and solutions to my new crisis. “Stop worrying about it immediately”, he advised, “as the stress will cause even more hair to fall out.” That’s easier said than done when you discover clumps of hair or your pillow and in your dinner, but I refused to give in to hair loss. I started practicing calming breathing exercises and 10 minute meditation sessions before bed every night.

My new secret weapon, however, came in the form of a natural hair loss treatment that now formed part of my daily routine.

Josh explained, “hair loss is a natural process associated with DHT, a by product of testosterone breaking down inside of your body.” The new natural hair growth treatment I was using on my scalp would stop this DHT from destroying my hair follicles and resulting hair loss. It all sounded too good to be true, but within a few short weeks I had new hair sprouting on the dead spots and the rest of my hair stayed put.

The mineral and vitamin components in the treatment gave my hair all the food and elements to grow back healthy, strong hair shafts. In fact, I never felt as good as I did while taking this natural hair loss treatment. I felt the benefits throughout my whole body. It gave me more energy and healthier skin. Not to mention, being all natural, I escaped the horribly embarrassing libido side effects that come along with many hair growth pills and medication. I got my hair and peace of mind back.

I leave you with this: take care of your hair and do not put off treatment until it's too late. There are lots of natural ingredients out there that aid in prevention of hair loss. I’ve tried several of them, and while they work, I always come back to Biotopic. My favorite option that they offer is the Natural Regrowth System for Men. It takes all of those natural ingredients out there and puts them into one efficient system, making hair regrowth that much easier and attainable.