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Get back thicker looking hair naturally with clinically proven hair growth boosters and anti-DHT.  The Biotopic® Regrowth System is a 3 step program that starts with your washing hair with energizing caffeine shampoo, conditioning with protein building keratin conditioner, and finally revitalizing roots and combating DHT with nutrient rich Follicle Plus 27™. 

Using these 3 premium hair loss products in place of your standard shampoo and conditioner can help reverse hair loss for healthier, fuller and thicker feeling hair. The regrowth system is a 3 month supply of products, all are 100% drug free, sulfate-free and color safe. No pills to swallow, no side-effects.

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Customer Reviews

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Seriously Took about a year

not an overnight fix. I did use all the products for maybe a year or more. All I can say is be patient. took these about 8 months apart. (2017)

Thank you for the review and photos!
Noticed differene

Noticed a lot of difference. Even the my friend who works at a barber shop asked what hair product am I using. Because he wants to try it too. I hope Biotopic is going to give me a discount for my re orders


I've been very excited to use this product. and they never let me down. I got the best results.

It does work!!

I’ve been using this product for about 30 days now and have noticed new growth on both sides of my head where there was the beginnings of receding hair lines.
The products smell great and are very natural with real botanicals.

Thank you for your review.
Best Hair loss products for men

These are the only natural products designed specifically for men with hair loss. they are well engineered and work. I recommend using this system instead of buying individual products because you WILL GET RESULTS. Its super simple to use and VERY GOOD FOR HAIR. most likely your using some crapy products made in china that are destroying your hair. These are made in California with really chemists using natural bioactive and vitamins for hair. Ingredients have been researched and clinical test have been made. Im just saying this because I have tried a lot of products that have been underwhelming. the Biotopic system really did work for me. I went from very thing hair to back to how I was in my 20's. incredible. I wasn't lazy using the products. you have to STICK WITH IT. As long as you like to shower, this should be EASY as nothing takes long to apply. Im using this system for over a YEAR now and I have to say the changes are night and day. I even feel more confident now. People notice how your hair looks thicker too. Its like they noticed your hair was thin, but never said anything, and then when your hair is thick they all bring it up and how much better you look! Girls even give an excuse to put their hands through my hair. I mean, its been life changing in a way. So- stick with it, enjoy the program. don't stress , everything will work out as long as you don't quit after the first couple weeks. The ingredients are natural but POWERFUL and will help you. Good Luck! *

Thank you for the review. We tested the best formulation of natural ingredients.