Grow a thicker, fuller looking beard with the best clinically proven ingredients. Fast absorbing, non-oily facial hair serum. Feels great on both beard and skin. Helps reduces itch. For men only. Order online today
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The Most Advanced Beard Growth Serum for Men by Biotopic®

Making Men Properly Bearded™

Give your beard the natural thickness it deserves. Use the Beard Serum that makes men properly bearded! 

Customer Reviews

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John H.
Beard growth serum

I have tried a lot of beard growth serums and with no results I gave up I searched for other options and came across biotopic and gave it a try after using the product about 6 months I started to see new hairs coming in it gave me some hope with time and patience and a regular beard grooming routine the product does work stay with it

Alvaro T.
Significant Difference

Bought the Beard Growth Serum apparently 40 days ago and use it twice daily, once in the morning and before bed, and have seen a great difference compared to the Walmart brand I was using before. Definitely having lots of hairs that I could not get to grow or budge further than peach fuzz. I'm excited to continue using this product and will definitely order another once mine is close to being out!
To anyone who has not tried the product or is wanting an honest feedback about it, here it is. I struggle with hair on my body, don't have the genetics to fulfill a full on beard especially. This is your answer. 👌

Marino P.

Very good product and works great

Ravine R.
1 month review

Very pleased! I went from nothing to nearly full coverage after just a single month. However, it still has not completly filled in my bare areas. This is why I purchased 3 bottles though. I have high hopes!

Calvin B.
Cory barnes

Great experience for me!!