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Our mission is to help you keep thicker and healthier hair, naturally.

Not sure what is the best hair loss solution? Afraid of hair loss products with harsh side-effects?

New discoveries in certain naturally occurring botanicals have been reported not only to help stop hair loss, but to even boost new growth. We have discovered that not just one, but combining all of these clinically proven natural ingredients is the most powerful secret to fighting hair loss and getting back your hair’s natural youthful health.

Biotopic® formulas use the absolute best combination of natural hair growth ingredients that each target specific causes of hair loss while also repairing your hair back to optimal health.

What’s the result?

Thicker, fuller and healthier looking hair that you will feel confident about. No worries about negative side-effects like other hair loss drugs. 

✔️ Clinically proven natural ingredient for hair loss

✔️ Drug-free and animal safe

✔️ 100% satisfaction guarantee



Biotopic® was founded on the need to create high performance natural hair growth products for men and women with thinning hair, bald spots or receding hair lines.  We use sound research to optimize your hair growth in every hair loss formulas. Our ingredients are naturally derived and many are clinically proven to help reverse hair loss. Through dedicated research we have developed products that we proudly stand behind as being the best natural solutions to help you regrow, repair and thicken hair. 


Biotopic® prides itself on being Cruelty Free, SLS, SLES, with no added Parabens, providing a safe and non-toxic choice in the marketplace.


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