April 17, 2019 2 min read


Too many of us are declared caffeine addicts in these fast-paced times.In fact, according to an online survey carried out by the National Coffee Association, 83% of adults in the US drink coffee.

But is caffeine consumption to blame for hair loss?

That is the question that scientists associated with the International Journal of Dermatology (IJD) asked themselves, and the answer is absolutely not.

In fact, caffeine has the completely opposite effect!

A recent study carried out by the IJD suggests caffeine reverses the effects of androgenetic alopecia or AGA (a.k.a: hair thinning and hair loss), a condition which affects nearly 50% of men in their fifties, and 30% of women in their eighties.

Caffeine can actually help reduce hair loss.

Scientists treated tiny sections of the human scalp and analyzed the effects of caffeine. They determined that it boosted hair shaft elongation, counteracting testosterone that is already present in our body. That’s right, your morning jump starter can actually help you grow thicker hair.

So, how does it work?

The study found caffeine increases cellular metabolic activity by suppressing the effects of DHT, the hormone responsible for hair loss. Further investigation later concluded caffeine not only reduces hair loss, but it actually increases hair growth by 33-40%.

Now, don’t go overdosing on your morning cup!

You would have to drink upwards of 50 cups of coffee a day if you wanted to see results. But there is still hope: we are much more likely to assimilate the benefits of caffeine through our skin. This means, when applied directly to the scalp, caffeine stimulates the growth of hair follicle in as little as two weeks.

Here's what you should do:

Products with caffeine in their composition, such as the Caffeine Hair Loss Shampoo in our Natural Regrowth System, are super easy to use and will help activate the root of your hair follicles, providing the strength and vitality they need to grow.