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BIOTOPIC® TOTAL REGROWTH SYSTEM - Clinically formulated for hair loss and maintaining thicker hair

This is our best selling 3-step system for those who want maximize thicker hair growth. Infused with Vitagrowth® energizing nutrients  to fight thinning, bald spots and receding hair lines. Includes hair loss Shampoo & Conditioner, Thickening Hair Serum. All are formulated using the best science backed ingredients for optimal hair growth: These are the cleanest formulas available today and all are 100% drug-free which means absolutely no side-effects. We provide you a 3 month supply to give you the best start to thicken your hair.

    Why Choose the Biotopic® Regrowth System for Hair Loss Management?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 312 reviews
    Great product!

    Actually, I got for my husband. He’s been using the products and following the directions. His hair is less falling. Need to wait more time.

    Debbie Beam
    A grate product.

    I lost all my hair due to my immune system bottoming out. I have been using Biotopic for months now and not only is my hair growing back, it's darker and thicker . If feels so soft. My hair is better now than it was before. I recommend this product to anyone. What do you have to lose.

    Thomas Nguyen
    Biotopic Total regrow system

    I am using this product because it is working for my hair. I also use romaine beside of this product. I see some baby hairs growing. This product keeps me confidence on my hair because it had shampoo and conditioner and made me feel better and some things may work.

    Ernie Jordan

    So far so good 👍 Still a little early to see full benefits of the products. However, I would recommend them!

    Vicenta Masso

    It feels good on my hair but waiting to be using for a long while before I give serious opinion.

    Edward Morales
    New hair

    I’ve only been using biotopic for two weeks and it amazing. I have a lot of new hair growth. I’d love to see what my hair will look like in a couple of months.

    getting some more hair

    Just started a few months ago and starting to see more hair on my crown. best stuff i've found so far. makes my hair feel great.


    I've ordered a few different times over the year. I'm not using this very constantly, but girlfriend is saying hair my looks nicer. Shampoo and conditioner lasts longer than the other products, like 3 months or more. so one you order this you just have to get some refills of the smaller products. i use Follicle plus 27 most the time since its super easy to spray on. but everything is good. if your hair is already thick, you might not need the conditioner because it makes it feel thicker after using, which could be great if you have thin hair. I think the system is the best way to start out if you're not sure what to get as it gives you a sample of everything. I guess they are supposed to work together for best results anyways. I'm 33- better to start using early than to wait to long.

    you get what you paid for

    No regrets. Im happy and satisfied

    Not bad

    used and noticed a little difference.