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Get back thicker looking hair naturally with clinically proven hair growth boosters and anti-DHT.  The Biotopic® Total Regrowth System is an easy morning routine that starts with your washing hair with energizing caffeine shampoo, conditioning with protein building keratin conditioner, revitalizing roots with Follicle Plus 27™ and targeting receding and bald spots hairline with Regrow Plus.

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Customer Reviews

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I'm glad that this product actually works.

When I first got this product the bottle was open and it almost _ of the bottle was wasted on the inside of my package, damaging my other items that were in it. Other than that I decided not to return my product I kept it. So far I have seen great results with this product using it on my hair. It also makes it feel softer and look better than before. I use it twice daily once in the morning and then at night. With mine the scent was kind of off, I didnt enjoy the smell but I got used to it. My hair did grow a bit which is great, I'm glad that this product actually works.*

Follow instructions

Just do what it says on the directions, and you wont have any issues. It will help you with your hair problems

This product is 100% natural.

I got this product for my son as he is 24 and already experiencing a great deal of hair loss and though he has only been using it a short a time he has noticed the hair loss to seas, he has not seen any new hair growth yet but a slow down of hair loss is infidelity a great feeling for him. My son has been using it daily now and he is very happy with the results, I'm guessing with a longer period of use he may start to see some better results. This is only a small 2oz bottle but a little bit goes a longs ways. It has no scent and does not leave and oily or sticky residue at all. This product is 100% natural with vitamins and nutrients such as saw palmetto - biotin - caffeine - aloe vera - argon oil and keratin to help my sons hair to become much healthier and thicker.

I like it

I've been using this for a month now and while I haven't been able to see any changes to my hair', I think the scent and texture of the shampoo is very nice. and also the conditioner

you get what you paid for

No regrets. Im happy and satisfied