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December 28, 2018 2 min read

My bandmates used to call me Funkenstein because of my hair loss. I could still jam, but I wasn't able to perform at my best and that was definitely affecting the shows. The chemicals were definitely messing with me. Biotopic helped a lot, and by the end of the tour, I felt great again! Took a minute, but it's worth it." - Jacob K., 32

Customer Background:

At 32 years of age, Jacob never thought he would have to worry about hair loss and going bald. In fact, he really didn't notice his hair loss as being a real problem until his band's nationwide tour started up and he began to see hair on his pillow, in the tourbus, and even in his food. He knew he had to do something about it.

As the front man Birdmonster, Jacob maintained an active lifestyle through performing and would workout outside for at least 2 hours everyday. While he ate healthy, he also enjoyed drinking with his mates.

Customer Challenges:

With little knowledge on the subject, Jacob turned to the most obvious choice for combating his hair loss, Minoxidil. Rogaine worked well at maintaining the remaining hair on his head, but after looking in the mirror over the past 3 years, he noticed that there was no new hair growing on the crown of his head and his hairline had not returned.

He was determined to find a solution that would not only maintain but promote actual growth of new hairs.

Our Solution:

Jacob replaced his bottles of Rogaine with the 27 natural ingredients found in Biotopic. He used Biotopic’s shampoo and conditioner everyday, and applied Biotopic PLUS 27 to the especially troublesome areas on his scalp.

To put his hair regrowth into overdrive, Jacob utilized the 5 Step Checklist to Hair Regrowth, which ensured that he maintained a daily schedule of hair friendly habits.

The Results:

After two weeks, the hair growth had already began. Jacob noticed new hairs on the crown of his head and even his hairline was returning. After a few months, he had more hair than he had when he was 20 years old. He also felt better with the use of only natural ingredients and no side effects. Furthermore, his daily hair regrowth checklist became a seamless part of his routine.