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What Has Research Shown About Magnesium and Hair Loss?

October 22, 2015 3 min read

Many peoples not lgonie each day wake to find hair on their pillow and that they have had to either wear hats, head scarves or have had to re-style their hair in order to cover up the signs of hair loss.

I am sure that as you are reading you have suffered the same trauma or know someone who has. Am I right? Well what I would like to tell you today are a secret I discovered to help me with my own hair loss problem, the secret I wish to tell you about is regarding magnesium and hair loss.

Before discovering this important secret I had many years in which, possibly like you I spent a lot of money trying products that claimed to give me hair that would be strong, thick and of course solve my problem.

Although some of them smelled a lot better than others that is all they did do... Smell good or bad, and one that I tried gave me a scalp that was red and itchy for the rest of the day, so I decided to look into what had been researched regarding natural products.

At this point I thought I would give anything to have my hair back, I would give my right arm in order to get back what years had taken away, but found there was no need as this secret was given to me free of charge and this is what I intend to pass on to you.

What I found out was that many people who have suffered from hair loss, patching and thinning actually had a decreased amount of the mineral magnesium in their diet, and those that still had their hair did not.

This is because of the foods they eat as well as certain supplements containing magnesium that they were able to take to bring the level of magnesium up to an amount that would help their hair to re-grow.

It has been found that a lot of fast foods contained high levels of magnesium, but the problem with this is that they are also unhealthy on your heart and can cause many other problems, and I certainly did not want to be bald AND unhealthy.

What I did find was that by taking supplements created for hair loss, that I could have the right amount of magnesium in my body without having to compromise my health.

As the supplements were made entirely from natural products I did not have the worry of the side effects I had with other products and the ointment I applied to my head was not packed with perfumes and chemicals that would cause skin irritation.

It was a few weeks after discovering these products that I saw new growth of hair, the only way I could describe it is like that of a baby. Over the next few weeks it began to thicken as did the remaining hair I had.

The one thing I feel it is my responsibility to tell you though is that if you wait too long until you have only a few hairs left, then this product will not work.

The reason for this is that the magnesium helps to stimulate the re-growth of hair, and is able to do this if your hair follicles have slowed down in production, but if you have very little or no hair the follicles have already died and there is no way to bring them back to life, so such products are only suitable and effective in those who have thinning hair or patches.

The magnesium has proven successful with many people and my hair has stayed just where it should be... On my head not on my pillow.