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Fight thinning and get back thicker looking hair. This natural hair regrowth topical is packed with 27 clinically proven hair growth boosters and anti-DHT ingredients. The powerful spray-on formula can be applied once daily to problematic areas to help gain improvements for thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair.  Goes on clean and absorbs quickly. No fragrance or oily residue.

Follicle Plus 27™ includes: Anagain®, Biotin, Caffeine, Saw Palmetto, Keratin, Argan oil, and 27 Vitamins for hair.

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Verified Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 197 reviews

My son has been using this product for about a month his hair looks better but there has not been any regrowth of hair. hopefully things change.


I’ve used this product for about 6 months and I’m so amazed at how quickly and affectively it worked. I strongly recommend biotopic!


Been using it for a month. Starting to see regrowth. Happy it’s non-toxic too. Definitely buying more. Will try the system next.


Great product been using Biolopic for over 2 month my hair looks great and healthy.....Highly recommend this prduct.

Thank you for your review! This is our best selling product.
Great Product So Far

I've been using this product for a month & 1/2. I'm starting to see hair grow back slowly in the thinning areas. I will continue to use this product for maintain purpose after my hair is full and thick again. A special thanks to the Dr. Hoffmann for putting this awesome product on the market.

Thank You!
Very surprised by early results

Im in my mid 30s & had a weird case in my late 20s that cause my hair to start falling rapidly , once that issue got resolved my hair started to grow again . But! With 3 severe bald spots in the oddest of places . Long story short! Ive tried various types of shampoos & conditioners & they helped some but didn't noticed any regrowth , only thickening . Saw this all natural approach & decided to give it a go with a mix of vitamins i already take daily . My surprise? It actually freaking worked lol two of the major spots are regrowing hair quick & the third is progressing way better.... i haven't even gone through one bottle yet! Im super glad i took the all natural approach....ive been using it twice a day ( morning with dry scalp ) & ( afternoon after shower damp hair ) + i take vitamins that also help gana keep using the sprays until im finished & see final far so good & im happy with results... 9/10 rating for me...

Great review! Thank you.
Used for a year... 7 orders

I've order this since last summer, about 14 months. I mainly bought it because the natural ingredients were better than other products. I wasn't expecting much, but the gains were actually really good after a few months . I ended up getting the system which is better in the long run. my hair has seen dramatic improvements. A few tips, let the spray stay on you scalp for a few hours before showering or swimming. there is no smell so not noticeable at all. also caffeine shampoo seems expensive but is better than any shampoo i've found. you can tell its premium. you dont need to use a lot at once so lasts a long time, Good luck.

Thank you for your review. This is very natural formula, but with a lot of science to develop. no side effects!