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I have been using BioTopic for about three months to restore my receding hairline. While I still have a long way to go, there is no question that quite a lot of hair is growing exactly where I wanted it. If progress continues, my hairline should be back to where it was 10 - 15 years ago. I am certainly pleased with this product.

Eh...give it a shot.

I’m not sure if it really gave me much results at all because I wasn’t able to use it as long as I would have liked. The bottle is extremely small and the first few times you use it it’s almost as if it’s designed to shoot out more so you go thru it faster. It was shooting out multiple directions the first week and even with minimal, gentle pumps the bottle ran out extremely fast which I was very disappointed with...For the cost of it, the bottle should be larger and controlled with a dropper as opposed pressing a spray pump. I have used a similar style serum from a dermatologist with a dropper and it lasted me well over a month and was similar in price. It was disappointing it was finished before a full 30 days. I don’t have much of a balding issue just a bit of a receding hairline and thinning on the crown so I did not need much of it at all but the large sprays in the first week that hit the counter as well as the mirror due to the pressure of it sprayed out much more then needed. Im not spastic and know how to use a spray pump and don’t have hulk hands so I don’t think it was me just not functioning properly. Don’t know if I would be purchasing again as it’s pricey for such a small bottle...I gave it 3 stars because the shipping was fast, they keep up with you and ask for an honest review and I also like that it has no scent and doesn’t leave your hair greasy. Those few items especially customer servive and fast shipping sometimes make up for lack luster results. Give it a whirl.

Hello. I've recently purchased a bottle of regrow plus. I've noticed a problem with it's applicator. When pressed, the contents fly in all directions due to the pressurized air. A simpler applicator would be nice. Thank You.


Half spill in the package the cap was loose not enough product to see results.

Just starting to use not sure if it's going to work how long does it take to see improvement to my hair?


Its really great but I would like to say the customer service is not ready good because it's almost 50 days that I don't received my order

I've order for a shampoo, conditioner and regrow plus. But I only received the conditioner and regrow plus. The charged me for 3 items.

Not much progress

It’s okay, I’m not really seeing much progression. My hair still seems to fall out even with the caffeine in the product. Will give a better review after a few months. Currently only tried it for a month.

Working well

I'm 30 plus days in and can already tell a difference. Thin spots are filling in, center of scalp also starting to thicken. Not much change in hairline but I do see a few sprouts trying to come out. I'd advise purchasing the 3 month supply. Overall happy with the thickening of top & back. I can't wait to see results over the next 3 months. Great product and would recommend to anyone. Stay consistent for best results.

Going to buy more and see how it goes

Unfortunately it didn’t work for my bald spot I have been using it everyday. I am willing to try more and see how it goes

Hair regrowth

Iv only been using it for about a month so far but it does seem to be filling in some. Hopefully this will continue!

Great product, my hair feels great. Didn’t regrow hair

Awesome product

Only one month on bio topic I see a lot of changes on my hair lines thanks biotopic

Would rate 4 1/2 if I could

I very rarely give reviews but I felt that I had to with what this product has restored to me. I've been using this product for about 2 months now and my bald spots have almost completely filled in. The hairline has been taking a while unfortunately, but that may be because of how sensitive those follicles are when I damaged it. But even that, too, is filling in nicely. Like so many of the hair reviews I've read say, it just takes consistency and not giving up because at one point I almost did. I would rate this product 4 1/2 if I could and that's only because of the funky packaging and the fact that my first bottle didn't spray at all so I had to resort to alternative methods of applying it. Also, it kinda seemed as if the product began to evaporate at some point... I only say that because I used so little of an amount and would go to apply more later on and the product would seem significantly lower in the bottle. Don't know if it's just in my head but I also don't think so. All in all, it was a great product and I feel very blessed to have stumbled upon it.
Thanks very much ~


I will continue using it is amazing

Been using this product for a month know highly regard

See hair growth

I’ve been using the serum everyday and do see tiny hair growth on my hairline! Will be purchasing more of this product. Remember patience is key!


It's alright.

Biotopic treatment

Doesn’t see any hair growing only thing is it smell great for men’s and less hair falling. Not worth it to pay 200 dollar

Treatment for bald spot

I have not seen results from this product, maybe I should give it more time. I’m hoping to see some results soon

No improvement yet

I am still using the product but have not seen any signs of new hair growth as of yet. I read that it could take a month or so before I see anything, so I still have hope. I will update if anything changes.

Root loss

I am still using the product but for me I have a root problem and most hair treatment products are for people with hair. I have bald spots with very very very thin, light thin hair. Products I have used does nothing for the solid growth of the hair.

No reaction, so far...

Using Bioppic as directed. NO visible reaction thus far. Will keep using until current supply is exhausted.