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Biotopic® D.N.A. BEARD GROWTH SERUM (1oz)

Thank you for your review. We would love to hear more about your experience.

Yes I received my 40 days how ever I've just started using it today I will follow up with a review in 30 days

Thank you for your review- We recommend using only once a day in morning. Please keep us updated.

No growth

Still a spotty beard, sometimes not even serum can’t fix bad genetics

Thank you for your review. For how long did you use? Did you receive any improvements? Yes, Beard serum will not change genetics, but over time can definitely help with making your beard look and feel thicker.


Thank you. Our serum is packed with a specific Atlantic marine algae which helps boost hair thickness.

Beard growth serous

Smells good and is soothing. Doesn’t really thicken the beard and is very small for the price

The serum has peppermint oil and eucalyptus to help invigorate circulation. It is very good and hydrating for your skin underneath your beard too. We recommend daily use.

Haven't seen any new growth. This is my second bottle just started. Hipe some new hair fills in the patch.

Thank you for your review. Unfortunately results do vary from person to person. We recommend daily use. This product does have a high concentration of super nutrients.

Seems to be working

It's only been 30 days ( for me) and I have noticed the new growth. I have very slow growth. I use with a Derma Roller to open pores first and then apply the serum. Will continue for a while to watch continuation.

Thank you for your review. Congratulations on the new growth. We don't recommend a derma roller as it is reported as controversial for skin health.

No reaction, so far...

Using Bioppic as directed. NO visible reaction thus far. Will keep using until current supply is exhausted.

Thank you for your review. Results do vary from person to person. The formula is pack with super nutrients including Biotin, caffeine, saw palmetto and marine algae. We hope you see better results as you continue using.

Waste of money

Didn’t do anything. Over a month in.

Thank you for your review. Results do vary from person to person. 1 month is a short time frame to start. We do recommend using one daily.

1 month review

Very pleased! I went from nothing to nearly full coverage after just a single month. However, it still has not completly filled in my bare areas. This is why I purchased 3 bottles though. I have high hopes!

Thank you. This is very exciting. Results do vary from person to person and we are happy to hear your seeing such great results so quickly. Please keep us posted!

Cory barnes

Great experience for me!!

Thank you for your review. We did put 6 years of research into the beard serum and it has the some of the best ingredients for thicker looking beard growth.

pleasent to use

just received my supply last week. no scent easily absorbed,hope for results 3 to 6 months

Thank you for your review. There is peppermint to help invigorate circulation, however yes, the scent disappears very quickly once absorbed.

Seems to be growing & i would recommend & purchase again.

Thank you for your review. hair and bears do grow slowly, so some patience is needed. Happy to see you're seeing better results.

Works great, non oily, positive results.

Thank you for your review. This serum is non-oily and absorbs quickly into beard and skin.

Great stuff!

This product really works. It makes your skin underneath feel great! Thank you, Biotopic!

Great stuff!

This product really works. It makes your skin underneath feel great! Thank you, Biotopic!

Thank you for your review. Yes, this is formulated to be great for your skin as well. very hydrating and is an anti-oxidant that helps repairs skin cells.


Thank you for your review!

Some Progress

I used the Biotopic beard serum everyday for over 30 days and I haven't seen any major difference, but I can see small hairs growing. I'll do another 30 days to really see if it works because I wanna give an honest review.

Thank you for your review. We recommend at least 90 days to get started. These products are drug free, so they are really safe to use daily as part of your beard care routine. results do vary form person to person. We are happy your are seeing some results already.


So far good, hair feels thicker, noticed some new hairs slowly show up near hairline (fuzzy hair).


Not a miracle but does seem to help the growth in those sparse areas

Thank you for your repair. We did work on the formula to help with bare spots. Genetics do play a role, so results will vary from person to person. Happy you are already seeing some results.

Product matched description.

40 day review

I don’t feel like my beard has grown at all. However, I do like the way the serum softens my beard.

Thank you for your review. Beard serum will help soften beard relieve itch. Results do vary, so we recommend more time. Happy you are enjoying the product.

Biotopic® Healthy Beard Growth Serum (1oz)

Definitely works!

I’ve tried a couple of different beard oils but this one definitely works!

Thank you for your review. Great to hear! This formula also has Gutu Kola which is great for helping thicken beard growth.

Biotopic Follicle Plus 27 (2oz) | Super Nutrients Hair Loss Treatment
Lisa Ross
Biotopic Follicle Plus 27

I am noticing slow progress and much healthier hair with the use of this product after a couple of months. I like it.