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Based on 1796 reviews
Seriously Took about a year

not an overnight fix. I did use all the products for maybe a year or more. All I can say is be patient. took these about 8 months apart. (2017)

Thank you for the review and photos!
Really works!

I was able to grow hair between my beard and sideburns for the first time in my life!

Biotopic really works

I'm a big fan of this system because: 1- the shampoo and conditioner smell so good to use. conditioner leaves my hair feeling thicker right away even which is a nice start. 2) the follicle plus 27 spray doesn't have a fragrance which is good and is not oily at all. ingredients are impressive too. I think they have almost all the best ones. this is a premium product, not cheap chinese stuff, and does last a while. and as I said, it does work.

Great product

Works very well wanna buy more I need a coupon 😁

My son has been using this product for about a month his hair looks better but there has not been any regrowth of hair. hopefully things change.

Just started and 60 days into product

I cannot say that i can see any new growth... However, i can tell that my hair is much healthier and full from the use of the products. I plan on continuing with it for at least a year and hope by then i start to see some new growth.

Thicker beard

Works great

not bad

just started and noticed less hair falling out when showering

So far so good. I might buy more in the future.

Awesome shampoo.

I'm addicted to the shampoo in this system. Smells great and invigorating. in the last month after about 3 months of use i'm starting to get results.

works for african american hair

As an African American I wasn't sure this would work. I actually like it a lot. not greasy and my hair feels great after using. Noticing a thicker feeling too. I will be buying more soon.


Much better improvements. Didn't think it was possible. I used twice a day for 8 months now with the shampoo and conditioner.

Yes, helping my hair

When I first saw this product it was being marketed for women with thinning hair, and those who needed to regrow hair. Now I am not losing my hair by traditional means but I've been having issues for a while, due to medication, where my hair has been brittle and breaking off making it difficult to grow it back out to the legenth I want (I used to have quite long hair but had to cut it short site to breaking making a lot fall out).*

So when I looked at some of the ingredients of this product like aloe vera, biotin, and keratin I figured it might be able to help me with some of my issues (even though I wasn't really facing what the product was specifically geared towards).

I must say have its a week of using this product I have had very noticeable differences. The breakage of my hair in the shower and when brushing has to have been cut in half. What I have been using is showering and washing my hair normally, then when I get out I spray a bit of this in my hair then brush it through my damp hair. If I need to hear style I always try to air dry as long as possible then use a thermal spray and style as usual.
I can say it does and amazing job adding strength to the hair you already have and help you keep it healthy.

Been using for 2 months now and have seen good results. Would recommend.

Beard Growth


After 30 days I noticed a small amount of growth on the sides, but nothing too noticeable.

Biotopic Thickjer beard Growth Serum

Awesome results, just working on a small bare spot that is taking way longer than the other side, love this product, well worth the chance i took with it.

I think it's working

I can't tell on the top, but my side's seem longer and fuller. Still using Biotopic.

Things Are Getting A Bit Hairy

Before I discovered this product, my beard was wispy and patchy with too much naked face where there should have been hair. But after my first use, I went from an A-patchy worrier to Hairy TrueMan. I'm on my fourth order.

Wonderful Product

I would highly recommend this product. Although I'mm not seeing fast results I am seeing and filling a healthier hair than before. My frontal hairline appears to have more baby hair appearance than before. I wish I can add photos but perhaps at a later time if I continue to use the product. If you want to improve your hair even further, better your diet, exercise, and take care fo your hygiene on a daily basis.

Working nicely

I'm a woman who has PCOS and I shed tons (and was dealing with a lot of hair thinning before). I've finally got my hair thinning under control thanks to a few shampoos and supplements I've been taking with similar ingredients and have a lot of new growth, but I still would shed like crazy during the day! I'll even find little hairballs in my dryer from my long hair getting stuck on my clothing. Because of this I was excited to try this product for free for review purposes and I haven't been disappointed. It has been several weeks since I started using it and I really am shedding less. I still shed a bit, and it is still noticeable since my hair is so long, but it isn't anywhere near what was happening before. I don't find hair in the dryer and I've noticed a lot less on my floor when I go to vacuum. I guess now it is probably in the normal range which makes me happy.

I apply this first thing in the morning since that works with my schedule, but I'm sure applying at night would work just as well. The main thing is finding a way to work it into your schedule. I spray it liberally over my scalp and massage it in pretty well. After that I go ahead and throw my hair up since I work out in the morning and forget about it for a few hours until I take my shower. The directions say to leave it in for three hours before washing out. Sometimes I find that hard to do and only make it an hour or two, but the results have still been good!*

One month later

I’ve just started, about 4 weeks, so no results yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Most reviews set the results at 8 months to 1 year. The products smell terrific! Matt C

Nice Shampoo

This shampoo seems so much less abrasive than regular shampoo. My hair feels incredibly clean after using it and it has the best scent. I can't really speak to it helping my hair grow or become less thin just yet as I have only been using it for a week or so but so far just with the cleanliness and scent I am satisfied.

I recommend this

I purchased this product after a friend pointed out that my hair was thinning. After using this product for the past month. I have noticed a difference. The product is not super greasy like most hair regrowth serums which is defiantly a major positive. The other thing I love is that is doesn't have to strong of a smell.

Best product I have found

As I have gotten older I have really started to notice my hair thinning. I used to have pretty thick hair so I was feeling pretty bed about my thinning hair. I’ve tried dietary supplements that are supposed to help with this but they didn’t help me very much. I decided that I would try a topical solution instead.

I read about this product online and noticed that it is all natural and contains a lot of helpful vitamins that can help with the problems that I have been facing. The reviews on it were also really good and they offer a money back guarantee so I figured it was worth a shot.

I started using it right away after receiving it. The directions were clear and easy to read and understand. It said to apply 2-5 pumps directly to the scalp and massage in gently and let it dry naturally. It was very easy to use and didn’t cause any irritation to my skin.

I have been taking the product for about three weeks now and have noticed less hair loss than usual. I usually notice a lot of hair in my brush in the morning after brushing and this has definitely decreased. I hope that with continued use of this product I will notice addition results with less thinning hair.


I've been very excited to use this product. and they never let me down. I got the best results.