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I've been very excited to use this product. and they never let me down. I got the best results.

Noticed differene

Noticed a lot of difference. Even the my friend who works at a barber shop asked what hair product am I using. Because he wants to try it too. I hope Biotopic is going to give me a discount for my re orders

Excellent Product

Wow . I got my hair Back

It does work!!

I’ve been using this product for about 30 days now and have noticed new growth on both sides of my head where there was the beginnings of receding hair lines.
The products smell great and are very natural with real botanicals.

Thank you for your review.

Great product been using Biolopic for over 2 month my hair looks great and healthy.....Highly recommend this prduct.

Thank you for your review! This is our best selling product.
Great Product So Far

I've been using this product for a month & 1/2. I'm starting to see hair grow back slowly in the thinning areas. I will continue to use this product for maintain purpose after my hair is full and thick again. A special thanks to the Dr. Hoffmann for putting this awesome product on the market.

Thank You!
you get what you paid for

No regrets. Im happy and satisfied

Bio topic

I see a great improvement at front of my hair

Thank you for your review and congratulations on the improvements
Thank you

Thank you for the great product and information. It brings shampoo to a higher standard that consumers can appreciate and enjoy. Thank you Biotopic team.

Thank you. We are happy to help with any customer questions
as expected

The best regrowth product. I am happy with the results

Used for a year... 7 orders

I've order this since last summer, about 14 months. I mainly bought it because the natural ingredients were better than other products. I wasn't expecting much, but the gains were actually really good after a few months . I ended up getting the system which is better in the long run. my hair has seen dramatic improvements. A few tips, let the spray stay on you scalp for a few hours before showering or swimming. there is no smell so not noticeable at all. also caffeine shampoo seems expensive but is better than any shampoo i've found. you can tell its premium. you dont need to use a lot at once so lasts a long time, Good luck.

Thank you for your review. This is very natural formula, but with a lot of science to develop. no side effects!

Haven’t seen results yet. Makes my hair feel nice I’m still thinning

Thank you for the review. product may vary from person to person and take more time. Better feeling hair is one of the first signs of improvement.
Hair regrowth

My hair is growing back were there a bald spot ps not bald anymore

Great news! thank you

Pump mechanism was broken on arrival. It's otherwise okay. Luckily we had another pump that fit the bottle. And despite the broken pump, I'm still happy with the results of their products. I will re order

It works!

As with any new product, I wasn’t sure what the results would be. I took a chance and I do not regret it. You will see results after the first bottle, but will likely need a second or third bottle depending on what your goal is. My beard is hands down noticeably thicker and less patchy.


Makes my hair feel heavy because of the thickness but i like it.

No more hair loss

No more hair loss for me. I am excited to land my first job.


Very natural products.

Yes. this is a very natural product with some of the best botanical ingredients available to help with hair growth. Thank you

gave it to my son. he didnt try it yet. he is finishing using this other product but isnt satisfied. looking forward to using this product i may order the women for myself. had to return keranique and lafolie hair treatment cause it contains minoxidil

It’s a great product Made in U S A !!!

Try it guys it works !!! Trust me !!!

Thank you for the review. Yes, this is an excellent formulation
Great product!!!

It works!! For me it’s working I love it Because it doesn’t smell bad or anything and yes!!! My hair stop falling !!! Thank u Biotopic !!!

thank you. Our shampoo and conditioner have a therapeutic peppermint and eucalyptus aroma which dissipates after washing. It smells great. Follicle Plus 27 has no fragrance so no worries about smell when leaving the house.
worth the price

Totally worth the money!


Just finished my first bottle 4 months in there has been results in that time frame. Ordered another and waiting on that....was skeptical at first but now im a believer

Thank you. it take time and commitment, but hair loss can be reversed.
Already seeing some new growth

My husband has been using this Biotopic Follicle Plus 27 Spray for about two weeks now. Being in a spray bottle makes it very easy for him to use. He already has some new hair or fuzz growing on his hairline. He is very happy with it so far and hopes to see more growth the longer he uses it.*


This product has left my hair refreshed not dry. I’ve also see results in the thinning parts of my hair.

thank you. This is product took 4 years of R&D to rejuvenate hair. Very natural.