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Never received products !!!!

Paid for products but NEVER received !!! Does anyone have a phone number to call ?!!! I’ve emailed them 5 times with urgent requests for them to call or at least email me !!!! And NO ONE has !!!!!! Help someone !!


Great product been using Biolopic for over 2 month my hair looks great and healthy.....Highly recommend this prduct.

Great Product So Far

I've been using this product for a month & 1/2. I'm starting to see hair grow back slowly in the thinning areas. I will continue to use this product for maintain purpose after my hair is full and thick again. A special thanks to the Dr. Hoffmann for putting this awesome product on the market.

Bio topic

I see a great improvement at front of my hair

Thank you

Thank you for the great product and information. It brings shampoo to a higher standard that consumers can appreciate and enjoy. Thank you Biotopic team.

Used for a year... 7 orders

I've order this since last summer, about 14 months. I mainly bought it because the natural ingredients were better than other products. I wasn't expecting much, but the gains were actually really good after a few months . I ended up getting the system which is better in the long run. my hair has seen dramatic improvements. A few tips, let the spray stay on you scalp for a few hours before showering or swimming. there is no smell so not noticeable at all. also caffeine shampoo seems expensive but is better than any shampoo i've found. you can tell its premium. you dont need to use a lot at once so lasts a long time, Good luck.


Haven’t seen results yet. Makes my hair feel nice I’m still thinning

Hair regrowth

My hair is growing back were there a bald spot ps not bald anymore

It works!

As with any new product, I wasn’t sure what the results would be. I took a chance and I do not regret it. You will see results after the first bottle, but will likely need a second or third bottle depending on what your goal is. My beard is hands down noticeably thicker and less patchy.


Very natural products.

It’s a great product Made in U S A !!!

Try it guys it works !!! Trust me !!!

Great product!!!

It works!! For me it’s working I love it Because it doesn’t smell bad or anything and yes!!! My hair stop falling !!! Thank u Biotopic !!!


Just finished my first bottle 4 months in there has been results in that time frame. Ordered another and waiting on that....was skeptical at first but now im a believer


This product has left my hair refreshed not dry. I’ve also see results in the thinning parts of my hair.

Miracle Grower!

Look, if you’re expecting something to grow fast, go find something else for your hopes. This product does take time, BUT it does it the right way! My beard looks so much fuller than 2 years ago. I use it about 2-3 a day, and within a month, there was a difference. I never wanted to take those pills that claim they work. If they do, cool, but I am NOT putting strange-looking pills in my system. THIS IS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN BEARD GROWTH. Take this tremendous opportunity. I’m glad I did!

Just received my order.


Over 4 months and getting better growth.

stuff is legit. I use it a couple times a day and seeing improvements. pics are about 1 month apart. but I did use this for about 4 months before I got a boost.

I'm happy to receive my order today

This feeling is great when I got my ordered receive today cus few days a go I wrote here bout how bad I felt not be able to get my complete ordered thought was scam or something but this is real I'm starting to use the product today wainting fornresult in few week I will repost if the result thank real people

Works, but use every day!

I just followed the instruction and used nothing else except for I trying to keep my life more stress free. The product is very good. I mean it has all the hair growth ingredients you would want in a natural-based product. It is brilliant that it is all in one bottle. so my hair was thinning for years. tried a few products . most were sticky or just weird to use. Finally found this on google. Used it now for about 3+ months and my hair on my crown area is looking great. no balding spot showing any more! i still have a bit of a receding hair line. but I know that takes time. might try the regrow serum if I need to, but its more expensive. Note: your not going to have any weird smell when using this and it doesn't stain your pillow yellow like some of the other stuff out there. If your serious, try at least a 3 pack because i don't think 1 bottle is enough to give it a real chance. I post photos... 1 week, 4 weeks, 12 weeks... more to come...... *

Excellent for Beard Growth

This has been my 5th order so I thought I'd write a review. I never could grow a 'real beard'. just a thin looking mustache at best. anytime i tried to grow it out i looked just kinda stupid. Using this serum has definitely made some major changes. It did take a few months for me, but new facial hair started to appear and now is getting thicker. Some of the benefits of this serum is that you just rub it on your face a few times a day. it feels good and not sticky or oily. my face actually feels fresher after using. and thats it. super easy. no smell. and you can go on with your day. you don't need a lot just a pump or two otherwise you'll probably use up the bottle quickly. It bottle is glass, but i've dropped it without breaking. the pump works well. honestly takes like 5 seconds to use. My gf says the ingredients are good for the skin too which is a plus. Great product and I recommend using daily for a few months minimum to see good results *

First time user.

cool. arrived today can't wait to use

Best Hair loss products for men

These are the only natural products designed specifically for men with hair loss. they are well engineered and work. I recommend using this system instead of buying individual products because you WILL GET RESULTS. Its super simple to use and VERY GOOD FOR HAIR. most likely your using some crapy products made in china that are destroying your hair. These are made in California with really chemists using natural bioactive and vitamins for hair. Ingredients have been researched and clinical test have been made. Im just saying this because I have tried a lot of products that have been underwhelming. the Biotopic system really did work for me. I went from very thing hair to back to how I was in my 20's. incredible. I wasn't lazy using the products. you have to STICK WITH IT. As long as you like to shower, this should be EASY as nothing takes long to apply. Im using this system for over a YEAR now and I have to say the changes are night and day. I even feel more confident now. People notice how your hair looks thicker too. Its like they noticed your hair was thin, but never said anything, and then when your hair is thick they all bring it up and how much better you look! Girls even give an excuse to put their hands through my hair. I mean, its been life changing in a way. So- stick with it, enjoy the program. don't stress , everything will work out as long as you don't quit after the first couple weeks. The ingredients are natural but POWERFUL and will help you. Good Luck! *

Im a new man

im not joking. I feel great after using these. hair is much healthier looking and thicker. I ready these are very high quality and they are! worth every penny!

system is the best

I used to buy the products individually so I'm glad they offer the system. much better deal and really the most effective route to take for hair loss.

works for me.

I don't know how long this has been around, but its good and I my friends notice my hair looks way better