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i like it

too early to tell but my hair seems shiny and more healthy looking in short time using this

Nice Product Tiny Container

The product soothes the scalp and helps add shine; however, I hadn't used it long enough to see regrowth. The tiny-tiny dispenser is empty before you expect it.

Too Early yet

Really not enough time to give a review at this time, As of now, not really noticing any changes.

I love them 😍

I'm fascinated by the product, my hair is really super,

Works great!!!

I cut about 7 inches off my hair right before starting these vitamins. My hair grows pretty fast to begin with but these vitamins worked amazing!! My hair grew faster but also thicker and shinier!


SO THANKFUL THAT THEY WORK!!!! My hair grew so quickly and so much a year's time. I tell anyone who is looking for the same results 💙

Two weeks and I'm blown away

With just turning 39 I noticed my hair was becoming more and more noticeably thinner. After having my twins at age 29 I had my fair share of hair loss but nothing like this. I already used sulfur free products as I am allergic to them so I began researching shampoos, creams, ointments, see what could help. Nothing did until I found Biotopic! I ordered the Shampoo, conditioner, & serum treatment after my mom saw an advertisement. I thought what the heck I’ll give it a go! After all it was sulfur free & had great reviews! With any new product I knew to give it a few months to see a difference especially because we were dealing with hair growth which mine can be slow. I started seeing a noticeable difference within 3 months! I am now on month 7 and my hair is getting thicker everyday! My hairstylist even noticed as she was shampooing my hair and asked for full details for her husband!

I'm very happy

When I started using Biotopic shampoo and conditioner with the serum, it was last year. I noticed my hair was thinning pretty badly. Even my long-term hairdresser made a comment about it. I decided to give Biotopic a try, never expecting much of a change. For a grin, I took a picture of my center part and tucked it away so no one would see how bad it was. I... took another picture of my center part about 9 months later and noticed a definite improvement. I sent the pictures to my hairdresser and she said, "Wow!" I am very happy receiving compliments all the time from friends.

I loved them! Definitely recommend

I loved them! Definitely recommend them!

Hair regrowth

Iv only been using it for about a month so far but it does seem to be filling in some. Hopefully this will continue!

It filled in my thinning areas as well as thickening my entire head of hair

About two years ago, my life was busier than ever. My stress levels were at an all-time high. I wasn’t sleeping enough and my diet was poor. My hair severely suffered as a result. My hair was thin, limp, and damaged overall. I cut 12 inches off my hair. Desperate for a remedy to regrow healthy hair, I turned to the internet. I stumbled upon Biotopic. Exasperated, I figured it was worth a shot so I tried it... Two weeks after trying the product I was blown away to see that my hair was actually growing! I could see little fine hairs growing in areas that were practically balding prior. I have been using the products ever since! My hair has completely come back to life. It’s healthy, root to tip. My curls are springy, healthy, and full. I will be a forever user. Thank you Biotopic! My favorite products are the serum and conditioner. I use the serum every day and it has made SUCH a difference with my hair growth. I use the shampoo and conditioner about twice per week!


Great product hut

Love the product, it’s works amazing and I’ve been seeing great results but I ordered the regrowth kit with the shampoo, conditioner and three bottles of the hair DNA and only received 1 bottle of the Hair DNA. I emailed but never received a reply. Still waiting to receive the product I paid for.

Been using this product for a month know highly regard

No noticeable results in 30 days. Will continue usage, unimpressed so far.

Best Hair Vitamins Ever!

I have seen drastic changes in my hair since taking these vitamins! Not only is my hair longer, it is also stronger and feels more full, something I have struggled with for years.

Beard Growth Serum

I ordered two bottles I haven’t finished the first bottle so I really can’t see a difference until I finish both bottles. Other than that shipping and tracking information was good.

Hasn't done anything to hair.

Still waiting

Have not received product yet

Beard growth serum

I have tried a lot of beard growth serums and with no results I gave up I searched for other options and came across biotopic and gave it a try after using the product about 6 months I started to see new hairs coming in it gave me some hope with time and patience and a regular beard grooming routine the product does work stay with it


I love it! I can not only see the hair growth but the color of my hair is restored looking bettter than before

Ok average at best.

Average at best


Love it

Love it
Best vitamin ever saw results within 2 months

good results so far

in the first month, I was starting to see a difference and Starting into month three, I have a lot of people coming up and playing with my hair and talking about how beautiful it is now!