How to Reverse Genetic Hair Loss

October 22, 2015

Herbs to Reverse Genetic Hair Loss - Biotopic

There are herbs out there that you can try to help with hair loss. Those anti hair loss herbs are just another way to combat a problem that many men, women, and yes some children will face.

Those herbs will assist in getting the circulation going better, promoting hair growth, and even disinfecting your scalp. So try these as another alternative to fight off that hair reduction you may be suffering from.

Horsetail is the first herb to try, it will help make your hair stronger and also promote that nice shine. Stinging nettle may help with the production of DHT levels in the body. While Dong Quai has phytoestrogens that will help reverse the genetic hair loss effects.

Another herb that may help with hair reduction is Saw Palmetto, which has also been shown to reduce that DHT. DHT so often seems to be the reason hair hasn't grown. Pygeum bark is another herb that has also shown to reduce that DHT.

Buy those herbs in products that you can rub into your scalp or some you will be able to even take as a pill. You can also try birch and rosemary to see if they will help to promote your hair growth.

Eating the right foods can also help with hair loss problems. If you diet isn't good and you eat a lot of junk you may not be getting the right nutrition to help with hair growth. Of course that is only one of several causes of hair reduction. In order to get the correct diagnosis you will need to see a doctor.

But try some of these herbal alternatives to promote healthy hair growth. If the doctor decides to place you on medicine discuss any problems that may be caused. Any type of reaction with an herb you may be taking for hair loss.