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We know how important it is for you to grow a full great looking beard. The journey to a full, thick, and healthy beard requires a lot of patience and maintenance. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to deliver results to thousands of happy beard growers using our Biotopic Beard Growth Serum. We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the best stories and reviews that have been shared with us.

Positive Customer Review Biotopic Beard Growth Serum

“…all that shorter hair along the cheek. yep. Thank you Biotopic” - frank

No frank. THANK YOU! - Biotopic 


Customer Review Biotopic Beard Growth Serum

“This has been my 5th order so I thought I'd write a review. I never could grow a 'real beard'. just a thin looking mustache at best. anytime i tried to grow it out i looked just kinda stupid. Using this serum has definitely made some major changes. It did take a few months for me, but new facial hair started to appear and now is getting thicker. Some of the benefits of this serum is that you just rub it on your face a few times a day. it feels good and not sticky or oily. my face actually feels fresher after using. and thats it. super easy. no smell.” - Yogy G.

Growing a beard takes time, patience, and a good serum. We are glad that Yogy was able to grow his beard to its fullest potential. - Biotopic 


Customer Success Biotopic Beard Growth Serum

“I think this is the best product our there so far. Try for 6 months so you give your beard a chance to grow.” - Greg

We agree with you Greg! We stand behind our beard serum with a 120 day money back  guarantee. Plenty of time to get results like Greg’s beard. - Biotopic 


Best Beard Growth Serum Biotopic

“I already had a good beard but this boosted it big time. oh yah!! I doubt anyone can beat this” - Russell

Our growth serum is formulated to have beard boosting nutrients and vitamins. Our ingredients contain anagain, biotin, organ oil, caffeine, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients come together to supercharge and maximize growth. Glad to see our serum take Russell’s beard to the next level. - Biotopic

 Thick Beard Growth Serum Biotopic

“Thick Thick Thick. thats all I can say. “ - Ernesto S. 

Quick and easy application. Apply a few drops onto fingertips and massage into beard and skin for 15 seconds daily. That’s all you need to do get get it THICK like Ernesto. - Biotopic


 Natural Beard Growth Ingredients Biotopic 

“Reading the ingredient list i was really impressed. so much more than other beard products. also, I like how everything is natural. no toxic chemicals. no minoxidil (which doesn't work at all for beards). I have a good beard, but want to make it a beast. this is doing the job! I use it twice a day since it doesn’t have a bad smell at all. and its not oily, but conditions the beard. make sure to massage it into the skin beneath the beard because you want it to absorb. Hands down an excellent product! “ - Christopher

Good serum ingredients is the key for a great looking beard. We use high concentration of natural beard growth bioactives. This targets areas that you need the most help in. - Biotopic.

Are you a believer? Do you have questions? Leave and share your stories down below

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