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Tips to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

December 07, 2016 2 min read

Tips to Stop Hair Loss Naturally - Biotopic

The people suffering from hair loss look out for the best natural hair loss remedy for their condition. There are many products in the market which promise this and some of them can be very costly. Getting hair transplants is also an option but it is an expensive one to take.

This is the reason why many anti-hair shedding products are popular today. But you should know that not all of these products work and they merely get by through the placebo effect. However, if you are serious about getting your hair back, then you should know the things nature has to offer for you. These ingredients and methods are available to you at an affordable price and are very effective at preventing hair problems.

First off, you can start by massaging your scalp. Through a massage, you will be able to stimulate the blood flow to the hair follicles encouraging growth. You can use a scalp massager or your fingertips to massage your scalp. Massaging is a great option if you are only experiencing minor hair problems.

You can further enhance the stimulation of your scalp by using aromatherapy oils while massaging it. The best oils for this kind of massage are bay and lavender essential oils combined with almond or sesame oil. Just simply massage this oil combination onto your scalp and let it sit for approximately 20 minutes before washing.

Saw Palmetto extract is also a great natural hair loss remedy since it lowers the DHT levels, which is the prime cause of hair falling out in men. Saw Palmetto extract is known to be very effective in preventing hair receding and is anti-androgenic.

Another natural remedy to prevent hair shedding is a nettle root extract. Nettles are rich in vitamin A and C - the vitamins that are essential for healthy hair. Aside from this, nettles also have the beneficial minerals and lipids to promote hair growth.

Joining these natural hair loss remedies are aloe vera and jojoba. These ingredients have a long history of use to prevent dandruff, stop hair loss, and encourage hair growth. Apart from these characteristics, jojoba and aloe vera are also used for cleansing and moisturizing the scalp and hair. They leave your scalp feeling fresh and revitalized after careful and deliberate massaging and washing.