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Healthy Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

October 22, 2015 2 min read

Healthy Foods to Prevent Hair Loss - Biotopic

Have you been finding more and more hair in your brush each morning and you have the fear of being bald? You are not alone as many individuals throughout the world have this same fear. Each morning, they are afraid to brush their hair simply because it falls out.

When they get up out of bed and look at their pillow, they find lumps of hair where they laid their head. If this sounds like the problems you have been going through, then there are some hair loss home remedies that you can count on. As we write this article, we would like to tell you about some popular remedies that you can count on.

Losing hair strands every day is all a natural process of growing your new hair. However, there are some cases where you lose too much hair during the day and that can lead to being bald. Whenever this happens, you should turn to some hair loss home remedies.

One of the most effective remedies you can do at home includes a diet that is rich in protein. This diet will include milk, lentils, soybeans and milk products such as cheese.

Fish and lean meat are also rich in protein and will do wonders for your hair. You need to also make sure you consume enough fibers and vitamins as poor diet is a big cause on hair loss.

Rubbing the scalp is also a common remedy. After you have washed your hair with cold water, actively rub your scalp until it starts combining with head. When you do this regularly, you will be stimulating the sebaceous glands, which will improve the blood circulation. Margosa leaves are also another common remedy you can use.

Some of the other hair loss home remedies include coconut milk, alfalfa, onion, coconut oil, lettuce and spinach juice mixed together, leaving an egg on the head for one hour or putting olive oil in your hair.