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February 11, 2019 2 min read

1. Flowers

This is one may seem overly cheesy and cliché, but flowers really are something nice that you can grab quick. Just make sure they're better than gas station flowers.

2. Go get baked (goods)

Ok, this one is pretty cliché, but a baked goods are always an easy and quick way to show you care. If you need help knowing where to get some amazing baked goods in your state, this INSIDER list is a great start. 

3. Bake something incredible

The best gifts are homemade. They also happen to taste the best. So give baking a try! If you mess up, it's really the thought that counts (and then you can run out to pick up a back up - see #2). These cakes from Bon Appetit are easy, delicious, and sure to be a hit. 

4. Do something romantic

Romance is what you make it. Sure, candle lit dinners can be romantic, but so can just a walk through the park. What's really romantic is just spending time with your partner. Plus, it's free!

5. Share the love

We recommend doing this in addition to one of the other things on this list, but most people really like when their partner makes a statement about how much they like them. So, write that sappy post for instagram or facebook. Just make sure you choose a flattering picture.

6. Create a slideshow

You and/or your partner have literally hundreds of thousands of photos on your phones. Go through and star your favorites, throw them in an album, and show it to your partner. Better yet, throw the photos on a USB and pick up one of those digital photo frames to have in the house. You can even use services to get the slideshow printed in a book.

7. Dance together

Pick up a bottle of wine (or two), set the lights low and candles lit, and throw on some music. Loosen up and just dance.

8. Save water

No one ever said that you have to bath separately. Go out, pick up a bath bomb, and hop in the tub together. Lose the clothes and help the earth!

9. Name a star

Did you know that you can name a star!? We didn't until we wrote this post. You can go to https://www.starregister.org/ and name a star after your partner. It comes with a certificate and everything. 

10. Be present

It's valentines day... put your phone on silent, eliminate distractions, and just spend time with your significant other. Enjoy the opportunity to really connect and be together.